Statement on Privacy and Data Collection

The Center for Humane Technology is dedicated to advancing technology that prioritizes individual and social well-being. We actively engage in advocacy and information-sharing to power the movement toward a more humane digital world. This includes providing key information to the public, testifying before Congress, offering courses, and supporting whistleblowers, among other efforts.

One of the platforms we use to increase awareness and amplify our impact is our website, We strive to create thoughtful, substantive, and empowering content in a digital ecosystem that often relegates meaningful content to the sidelines. To operate efficiently and effectively, our site utilizes applications that require the use of third-party cookies and other trackers. We work toward limiting this as much as possible and ask for our community’s patience as we devise and develop workarounds, as alternatives can require significant resources.

We deeply understand concerns related to data aggregation and its extractive and exploitative use. We continue to actively prioritize the protection of attention and intention in our content, and we will work toward building capacity to tackle infrastructure challenges that relate to big data.