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How can we build a world where we have healthy relationships with technology?

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Social media has an increasingly dominant role in our relationships and daily reality—homework, weekend plans, flirting, friendship, our sense of self and belonging—all within a system that is designed to capture and monetize our attention. It’s creating disastrous consequences for our well-being, our relationships, democracy, and our ability to solve important problems.

Youth Toolkit

For school districts, educators, mental health advocates, young people, and other leaders alike, our Youth Toolkit helps high school and college students navigate — and push to change — a broken social media environment.

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For Getting Started

Write to your principal, PTA chair, or parents

Because so many educators, PTA groups, and parents are concerned about how technology is affecting children, one of the easiest, strongest ways you can help is to write to them. To save you time, we’ve provided simple draft language for your principal, PTA chair, or parents.


Overwhelmed by our broken social media environment and wondering where to start? Here are a few important steps you can take today to increase your well being.

Discuss The Social Dilemma

This documentary powerfully illustrates the impact of technology designed to steal our attention. Use our Discussion Guide with your family, your school, or your community.

Host a screening
Teens and Young Adults: Take Control of your Social Media Use

Make a successful change in how you use social media by setting goals and working with others in this resource from our Youth Toolkit.

Make a Change
Parents: Read & Discuss These Digital Well-Being Guidelines With Your Family

We offer these family guidelines with the hope that they will help parents navigate the use of technology at home and in school.

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