As long as social media companies profit from outrage, confusion, addiction, and depression, our well-being and democracy will continue to be at risk.

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Together with our partners, the Center for Humane Technology is dedicated to creating the conditions for radically reimagined 21st century digital infrastructure.

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Your Undivided Attention Podcast

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Learn how the race for attention manipulates our choices, breaks down truth, and destabilizes our real-world communities.

The Social Dilemma
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A Netflix documentary featuring CHT's co-founders and advisors, this film explains how social media harms our mental health, relationships, and democracy

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Current Themes

Keeping kids safe

Children who are cyberbulllied are three times more likely to think about suicide. And, drive by shootings can be sparked by a post. Billions of inappropriate video are viewed by children every year.
How can we keep our kids safe from tech-instigated dangers?
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Safeguarding elections

False news spreads six times the speed of true news & false political news is more viral than any other type of false information. Over 50% of widely shared WhatsApp images contained misleading or false information during the 2018 Brazil presidential election.
How will we safeguard democracy from the influence of tech?
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7 hrs/day
Average amount of time teens spend looking at their smart phones, beyond screntime at school. 78% of teens, and 60% of adults, check their phone hourly (or more).
What are we missing out on in real life?
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