We regularly host conversations with experts and advocates at the intersection of social media and mental health, misinformation, cognition, democracy, and more. Learn more about issues you care about, share your experiences, and find out how you can take action.

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Intro to Foundations of Humane Technology

Learn about our new online course, Foundations of Humane Technology, which prepares members of product teams to build humane technology that meets the challenges of our time. This session will provide an overview of course offerings and instructions for learners who wish to get the most out of both the course and the robust community of practice surrounding it.

Wednesday, September 22nd at 10AM-11AM PDT/1PM-2PM EDT

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Podcast Club: Exploring Solutions Journalism

Join us for our next virtual Podcast Club meet up featuring Tina Rosenberg, co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network and recent guest from Episode 40: The Power of Solutions Journalism of Your Undivided Attention .

Friday, September 24th at 10AM-11AM PDT/1PM-2PM EDT

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Millions of people around the world — from around the dinner table to the halls of government — are demanding change.

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Here are a few important steps you can take right now to increase your well being. Our collective individual actions are creating a powerful growing movement.

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