Can Your Reality Turn on a Word? Guest: Anthony Jacquin

April 29, 2021

Can hypnosis be a tool to help us see how our minds are being shaped and manipulated more than we realize? Guest Anthony Jacquin is a hypnotist and hypnotherapist of over 20 years, author of Reality is Plastic, and co-runs the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy. He uses his practice to help his clients change their behavior and improve their lives. In this episode, he breaks down the misconceptions of hypnosis and reveals that despite the influence of hypnotizing forces like social media, we all still have the ability to get in touch with our subconscious selves. “What can I say with certainty is true about me – what is good, true and real about me?” Anthony asks. “Much of what we’ve invested in is actually transient. It will change. What is unchanging?” Anthony draws connections between hypnosis and technology and the impacts of both on our subconscious minds but identifies a key difference – technology is exploiting us. But a better understanding of how that exploitation happens can empower us to break the cycle of exploitation.


Anthony Jacquin

Anthony Jacquin is a hypnotist, author of Reality is Plastic, and co-runner of Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, who uses his practice for clients to be in dialogue with their subconscious through the “collaborative act of the imagination.” His first contact with hypnosis was via his father, who after learning hypnosis himself and helping others with it, told Anthony he felt like he was vested with a special power. Anthony was hooked after he did his first hypnosis session in 1995 to help someone quit smoking – a complete success.

Keen to learn more, Anthony sought out the best teachers he could find, got as much practical experience as possible and finally went full-time as a hypnotherapist in 2001. Since then he has worked with over 5,000 people, helping them change their lives and realize their dreams. Now Anthony spends much of his time traveling the world, sharing his ideas about hypnosis and teaching others about this fascinating art.

Episode Highlights

Major Takeaways

  • The practice of hypnosis is more collaborative than we may think. Instead of entering a powerless “trance,” we have the ability to play an active role during hypnosis, even when we feel out of control.  
  • While we like to think that we have full agency over our thoughts and feelings, institutions like social media have a stronger power in shaping our experiences than we once believed – sometimes bringing out our worst selves. Because our consumption of social media relies on automatic responses, it might seem impossible to escape this cycle. This lack of autonomy isn’t something to fear, though. Consider using the principles and practice of hypnosis to acknowledge how social media is negatively warping your reality, and use this same tool to transform your responses into positive ones.
  • You are your own best hypnotist. If you insist on changing your reality, change can happen – even if it takes time.

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