What We Do


Tech platforms make billions of dollars keeping us clicking, scrolling, and sharing. Just like a tree is worth more as lumber and a whale is worth more dead than alive—in the attention extraction economy a human is worth more when we are depressed, outraged, polarized, and addicted.

This attention extraction economy is accelerating the mass degradation of our collective capacity to solve global threats, from pandemics to inequality to climate change. If we can’t make sense of the world while making ever more consequential choices, a growing ledger of harms will destroy the futures of our children, democracy and truth itself.

We need radically reimagined technology infrastructure and business models that actually align with humanity’s best interests.

We articulate the problem, its diagnosis, and the path toward a new era of truly humane technology.

Center for Humane Technology raises awareness and drives change through high-profile presentations to global leaders, public testimony to policymakers and heads of state, and mass media campaigns reaching millions. We also mobilize technologists as advocates and collaborate with top tech leaders through open and closed-door convenings.

Working at the intersection of human nature, technology, and systems transformation, our goal is to shift the mindset from which persuasive technology systems are built, and to use that process to support crucial parallel shifts in our larger economic and social systems.

Levers of Change

Educating the Public

Awakening millions to the individual and societal harms of social media platforms through mainstream and new media, creating consumer pressure for more humane products.

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Informing Policy Change

Briefing policymakers in confidential sessions and public testimony to support the creation of the policy architecture that protects society and rewards humane technologies.

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Supporting Technologists

Working to inspire technologists and change the culture inside tech companies through training, events, conversations, and advising executives.

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