Transcending the Internet Hate Game with Dylan Marron

May 19, 2022

The game that social media sets us up to play is a game that rewards outrage. It's a game that we win by being better than other players at dunking on each other, straw-manning each other, and assuming the worst in each other. The game itself must be transformed.

And, we can also decide to step out of the game, and do something different.

On this week’s episode of Your Undivided Attention, we welcome Dylan Marron — who has been called by Jason Sudeikis "a modern Mr. Rogers for the digital age." Dylan is the creator and host of the podcast, Conversations With People Who Hate Me.

On the show, he calls up the people behind negative comments on the internet, and asks them a simple question: why did you write that? He just published a book by the same name, where he elaborates 12 lessons learned from talking with internet strangers. Together with Dylan, we explore how transforming the game and transforming ourselves can go hand-in-hand.


Dylan Marron is the host and creator of Conversations with People Who Hate Me, the award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast that connects adversarial strangers on phone calls. His recently published book—also titled Conversations with People Who Hate Me—was praised by the Associated Press as “a fascinating meditation on human connection and on finding common ground with people you never thought possible." His TED Talk ‘Empathy is Not Endorsement’ has been viewed millions of times worldwide and he recently joined the writing staff of the Emmy-winning Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.

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