With Great Power Comes… No Responsibility? with Yaёl Eisenstat

June 25, 2019

Aza sits down with Yaёl Eisenstat, a former CIA officer and a former advisor at the White House. When Yaёl noticed that Americans were having a harder and harder time finding common ground, she shifted her work from counter-extremism abroad to advising technology companies in the U.S. She believed as danger at home rose, her public sector experience could help fill a gap in Silicon Valley’s talent pool and chip away at the ways tech was contributing to polarization and election hacking. But when she joined Facebook in June 2018, things didn’t go as planned. Yaёl shares the lessons she learned and her perspective on government’s role in regulating tech, while Aza and Tristan raise questions about our relationships with these companies and the balance of power.


Yaël Eisenstat is an advisor and activist, a former CIA officer and former national security advisor to Vice President Biden.

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