The Bully’s Pulpit. Guest: Fadi Quran

June 22, 2020

The sound of bullies on social media can be deafening, but what about their victims? “They’re just sitting there being pummeled and pummeled and pummeled,” says Fadi Quran. As a campaign director of Avaaz, a platform for 63 million activists worldwide, Fadi and his team go to great lengths to figure out exactly how social media is being weaponized against vulnerable communities, including those who have no voice online at all. “They can’t report it. They’re not online.” Fadi says. “They can’t even have a conversation about it.” But by bringing the voices of these survivors to Silicon Valley, Fadi says, tech companies can do more than just hear the lethal consequences of algorithmic abuse, they can start hacking away at a system that Fadi argues was “designed for bullies.”


Fadi Quran is a Campaign Director at, an organization empowering millions of people to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues.

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