Trust Falls with Rachel Botsman

January 14, 2020

We are in the middle of a global trust crisis. Neighbors are strangers and local news sources are becoming scarcer; institutions that used to symbolize prestige, honor and a sense of societal security are frequently ridiculed for being antiquated and out of touch. To replace the void, we look to shaky sources such as sharing economy companies and social media, which come up short, or worse. Our guest on this episode, academic and business advisor, Rachel Botsman, guides us through how this happened, what the consequences are, and how to recover. Botsman is the Trust Fellow at Oxford University, and the author of two books, including “Who Can You Trust?” The intangibility of trust makes it difficult to pin down, she explains, and she speaks directly to technology leaders about fostering communities and creating products the public is willing to put faith in. “The efficiency of technology is the enemy of trust,” she says.


Rachel Botsman is an academic and business advisor, the Trust Fellow at Oxford University, and the author of the books “Who Can You Trust?” and “What’s Mine is Yours.”

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