As long as social media companies profit from addiction, depression, and division, our society will continue to be at risk.

Imagine a world built on humane technology that operates for the common good, strengthening our capacity to tackle our biggest global challenges.

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Millions of people around the world — from around the dinner table to the halls of government — are demanding change.

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The Social Dilemma Trailer

Never before have a handful of tech designers had control over the way billions of us think, act, and live our lives.

New Episode: Can Your Reality Turn on a Word?

Your Undivided Attention Podcast

Anthony Jacquin is a hypnotist, author of Reality is Plastic, and co-runner of Jacquin Hypnosis Academy. He uses his practice to help his clients change their behavior and improve their lives. In this episode, Anthony, Tristan and Aza delve into hypnosis’s power to change our individual and societal realities and how we can become active agents in our social media use to break our habits and use the platform as a tool for the common good. Check it out.

The Social Dilemma
Watch the Trailer

A Netflix documentary featuring CHT's co-founders and advisors, this film explains how social media harms our mental health, relationships, and democracy

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Current Themes

Keeping kids safe

Children who are cyberbulllied are three times more likely to think about suicide. And, drive by shootings can be sparked by a post. Billions of inappropriate video are viewed by children every year.
How can we keep our kids safe from tech-instigated dangers?
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Safeguarding elections

False news spreads six times the speed of true news & false political news is more viral than any other type of false information. Over 50% of widely shared WhatsApp images contained misleading or false information during the 2018 Brazil presidential election.
How will we safeguard democracy from the influence of tech?
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7 hrs/day
Average amount of time teens spend looking at their smart phones, beyond screntime at school. 78% of teens, and 60% of adults, check their phone hourly (or more).
What are we missing out on in real life?
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