Together we can align technology with humanity’s best interests.

Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Companies are racing to release exponentially advancing AI. We are working to match this innovation with service to humanity. In this 1-hour viral presentation, Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin map where we’re heading and how we can respond.

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Social Media

Social media was humanity’s first contact with AI. We lost. This Emmy-winning Netflix documentary helped over 100 million people globally understand social media’s harms and broken incentives. We’re fighting to fix them.

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Our Work

Your undivided attention

Featuring many diverse guest perspectives, our podcast has over 23 million downloads.

Consultation for
Key Leaders

We serve as a powerful advocate for humanity in high-profile gatherings and private conversations.

Setting the Agenda

We’ve been featured in media like The New York Times, The Guardian, FOX, the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Joe Rogan, and more.


Testimony from our team has helped policymakers understand and address misalignments between tech and humanity.

Briefings &

We present to policymakers, technologists, funders, and other leaders at conferences and private briefings.

Guidance for

Our principles of humane technology have helped thousands of technologists, many at leading companies and NGOs.

More Press

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Podcast: Your Undivided Attention

Your Undivided Attention is a top tech podcast with over 23 million downloads.

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Take Our Course

Take Our Course

To build technology that matters tomorrow, we have to start with different principles today.

Taken by concerned teams at Apple, the United Nations, Facebook, and TikTok, our free, self-paced online course prepares product teams to create technology that builds our capacity to address urgent challenges.

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More Resources

Link to The Social Dilemma page

Emmy-winning film watched by 100M+ people globally, highlighting the business model fueling tech’s harms.

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Link to The Social Dilemma page
Ledger of Harms

Highlights from key research findings on how technology negatively impacts kids, mental health, democracy, and more.

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Link to The Social Dilemma page
Youth Toolkit

Courses and action guides for people aged 13-25 to navigate and change our broken social media environment.

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Link to The Social Dilemma page
Take Control Toolkit

Immediate steps anyone can take to limit time on tech devices and increase digital well-being.

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Policy Reforms Toolkit
Link to The Social Dilemma page

Policy ideas and proposed legislation that address the imbalance of power in the extractive tech ecosystem.

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Link to The Social Dilemma page

Posts from our newsletter, The Catalyst, which explores technology, human behavior, ethics, and systems reform.

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Link to The Social Dilemma page
Brain Science

Six persuasive techniques that social media platforms use to "hack" our brains in order to generate engagement and increase profit.

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