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CHT's mission is to realign technology with humanity's best interests. We are dedicated to leading a comprehensive shift toward technology that strengthens our well-being, global democratic functioning, and shared information environment.

Through our work we build shared understanding, drive coordinated solutions, and empower leaders to act.

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This role has been materially rescoped as of Nov 10, 2022. If you applied to the previous version please know that you are in our system, and we will reach out if you are a fit for any future roles.

We are looking for an experienced and exceptional Chief of Staff to support Tristan Harris and work closely with our team. This is a new senior-level role that will serve on our leadership team. 

Please note that candidates must already be highly familiar with CHT’s work and aligned with our diagnosis on how technology is harming society.

Also, prior experience working on geopolitical issues is strongly preferred due to the high volume of national security and governmental meetings we take.



Lead our Direct Engagement, “Meet the Moment” Work

  • Serve as the operational leader of our direct engagement work (“Meet the Moment”) which uses briefings, meetings, and convenings to educate and mobilize prominent stakeholders across national security, government (US, UK, EU primarily), litigation, tech platforms, finance, and culture. This department also scopes, vets, and executes strategic projects. 
  • Manage the department budget 
  • Create and track annual and quarterly goals (in alignment with broader goal setting process)
  • Manage the Director of Scheduling and Advance, who oversees Tristan’s scheduling 
  • Create multi-year hiring plans
  • Scope, recruit, and hire for open roles, in partnership with Director of Operations
  • Create a dynamic and cohesive department that works in sync with the rest of the organization
  • Maintain strong relationships and timely communication with the rest of the organization (no silos)

Serve as a Senior Leader within the Organization

  • Serve on the Leadership team, acting as a collaborative thought partner on organizational strategy, hiring, goal setting, and challenges
  • Ensure the broader team has timely and relevant insights from “Meet the Moment Department” work
  • Model CHT’s culture, values, and shared norms
  • Model (and help refine) effective usage of CHT tech stack


Complement Tristan's Skills

Tristan is a world-class communicator and systems-thinker who works best paired with a steady and skilled operator. 

  • In coordination with the Director of Scheduling and Advance (and others as needed), prioritize Tristan’s time, meetings, press, and travel. 
  • Act as a thought partner to Tristan, e.g., how to refine messaging, solutions to pursue, key stakeholders to connect with, etc. 

Be the “Connective Tissue” to the Broader Organization 

An essential element of this role is to de-silo “Meet the Moment” work from the rest of the organization’s operations. Our team works best and most effectively when we learn from the “Meet the Moment” work happening out in the field and can determine how this should inform other programmatic work (or not). It also keeps team morale high. 

  • Provide proactive and routine updates on insights from the “Meet the Moment” work to the Leadership Team and the broader team
  • Maintain close communication with Chief Operating Officer to determine how to mobilize potential projects or learnings through the broader team
  • Coordinate closely with the Chief Operating Officer on how to best leverage CHT’s offerings externally

Ensure Meeting and Briefing Success

Much of our “Meet the Moment” work progresses through private meetings with a wide variety of stakeholders. Chief of Staff support ensures that we are well-prepared, strategic, and able to act on opportunities while building trust. Responsibilities include:

  • Regularly attend senior (and often confidential) meetings with Tristan
  • Serve as a proxy for Tristan where possible
  • Set meeting goals and create any necessary briefing documents, in collaboration with other team members and/or external partners as appropriate
  • Ensure Tristan is briefed and prepared for meetings
  • Wherever possible and appropriate, guide meetings to stay on track and contribute as a complement to Tristan
  • Capture detailed meeting notes, takeaways, next steps, and transfer them quickly into our shared knowledge base
  • Prioritize follow-up items based on broader responsibilities and projects. Delegate and reshuffle priorities as needed. 
  • Own follow-through on outstanding items, working with Tristan, the CHT team, and external stakeholders as necessary

Lead Execution of Special Projects

Special project opportunities routinely pop up within our “Meet the Moment” work. The Chief of Staff fills the critical need of vetting opportunities and scoping, staffing, and leading projects. Responsibilities include:

  • Scope and evaluate potential special projects in alignment with department and organizational goals
  • Identify special project staffing needs, which could include other CHT team members, external allies and partners, hiring new consultants, or in exceptional circumstances hiring new staff. Note: Many projects will be led solely by the Chief of Staff, especially at the beginning before the team is built out. 
  • Develop special project goals, metrics, and plans. 
  • Execute special projects. Keep the broader team informed of progress and challenges. Track progress within our shared knowledge base. Run post-mortems to facilitate learning. 

Cultivate Relationships

Much of CHT’s strength comes from our well-connected network. Yet, we have an opportunity to broaden and deepen relationships with allies across sectors. Responsibilities include:

  • Nurture key relationships on a predetermined cadence. Prepare and manage Tristan for timely follow up, and where possible serve as a proxy for Tristan in communication. 
  • Identify potential future relationships and connections. Where appropriate, serve as a proxy for Tristan. 
  • Act as a senior representative of CHT and Tristan. At convenings and briefings, proactively develop new relationships on behalf of the organization. 
  • In coordination with the Fundraising team, guide Tristan in sourcing new donor leads and closing donations. 
  • Capture all contacts and notable meetings and interactions in our CRM. 


  • Terms: Full-time permanent role with 90 day trial period
  • Compensation & Benefits: $180K-200K annual salary (depending on experience level), generous paid time off, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401K with 4% matching
  • Location: Preference for San Francisco Bay Area to allow for more in-person collaboration with Tristan. The rest of our team is remote.


This role works closely with Tristan Harris and Maria Bridge, Chief Operating Officer. Depending on candidate background and skills, the role may report to either Tristan or Maria, with a dotted line into the other.


  • 7+ years experience as an operational leader managing a team
  • 3+ years experience as a senior-level Chief of Staff in a fast-paced environment that is primarily external facing
  • 2+ years of geopolitical experience (more preferred)
  • High integrity, completely trustworthy with sensitive, confidential information
  • Very high EQ: ability to read a room well, interact skillfully with a variety of external stakeholders
  • Strong leadership skills: ability to manage and motivate a team, set strategy, create action plans, prioritize projects, etc. 
  • Strong communicator: excellent written skills (emails, briefs, memos), compelling speaker and spokesperson for CHT
  • Able to travel at short notice and happy to adapt to Tristan's calendar and pace
  • Strong fit with Tristan's working style and personality. Ideal candidates will be strategic, proactive, organized, amicable, and calm under pressure.
  • High familiarity with CHT’s work, as well as the work of our key thought partners and allies
  • Deep passion for our mission and desire to be of service

CHT encourages individuals of all learning styles, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to apply for this position. Additionally, research has shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for roles unless they believe they meet all of the qualifications. We encourage you to apply, even if you don’t believe you meet every one of our qualifications described as we are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to supporting this work.

CHT is an equal opportunity employer and considers all applications without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, alienage or citizenship status, marital or familial status, domestic partnership status, caregiver status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, change of sex or transgender status, genetic information, medical condition, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, physical or mental disability, any protected military or veteran status, or status as a victim of domestic or dating violence, sexual assault or offense, stalking, or any other characteristics protected by federal, state or local law or that of persons with whom that individual associates, or any other legally protected characteristics.

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